Peace Education Program Hobart

An innovative media-based educational program to help

participants develop positive life skills.

The noise of modern life can be deafening, leaving us feeling frazzled and uneasy. In this warm, wise book, Prem Rawat teaches us how to turn down the noise to “hear ourselves”—to listen to the subtle song of peace that sings inside each of us. Once we learn this, we can hold on to it as we face all the turmoil of the world.

Available at Fullers Bookshop, 131 Collins Street, Hobart.

Inside Peace
The Inside Peace documentary follows a group of inmates doing hard time in a Texas prison as they embark on a journey of personal discovery while struggling with society’s roadblocks and dangers.

These stories bleed through Inside Peace, and they are crucial to it, but they’re only part of what the film is about. The men manage to take the message to heart that they have value as people – no simple lesson… This is where, for the viewer, the awe comes in.

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10am - 11:15am for 10 weeks.

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